Kolasib, Tuirial, Serlui Election Results Live Updates 2023: ZPM vs MNF Battle On Cards

Counting of votes for the Mizoram assembly election will take place from 8am onwards tomorrow. Kolasib is one of the 40 constituencies of Mizoram. Key candidates from the seat include R. Lalthangliana of the BJP, S Lalrinawma of the Congress, K. Lalrinliana of the MNF and Lalfamkima of the ZPM. K. Lalrinliana is the sitting MLA from the seat.

From the Tuirial seat, BJP has fielded F. Vanhmingthanga, Dr. Henry Zodinliana Pachuau as Congress candidates, K. Laldawngliana is MNF candidate and Laltlanmawia as ZPM candidate. K. Laldawngliana is the sitting MLA from the seat.

From the Serlui assembly constituency, ZPM has fielded Jimmy Laltlanmawia while Robinson Malsawmtluanga Hmar is the BJP candidate, Lalhmachhuana is the Congress candidate and Lalrinsanga Ralte is the MNF candidate. Lalrinsanga Ralte is the sitting MLA from the seat.

The names of winning/leading candidates as per the latest data from the Election Commission of India:

Kolasib: LALFAMKIMA of Zoram People’s Movement -WON

Tuirial: K. LALDAWNGLIANA of Mizo National Front Leading

Serlui: LALRINSANGA RALTE of Mizo National Front Leading

According to the exit polls, it seems like there might be a situation of a tied assembly or a likelihood of the Zoram People’s Movement (ZPM) gaining a majority in the state. Different polls have varied predictions: Axis-My India forecasts a substantial lead for the ZPM with an estimated 28-35 seats, 3-7 seats for the Mizo National Front (MNF), and 2-4 seats for Congress. Meanwhile, C-Voter suggests 15-21 seats for the MNF, 12-18 for the ZPM, 2-8 for Congress, and 0-5 for other parties. Jan Ki Baat’s poll indicates 10-14 seats for the MNF, 15-25 for the ZPM, 5-9 for Congress, and 0-2 for the BJP. In a summary of these polls, the ZPM appears to hold a clear majority with 22 seats, while the MNF secures 12 seats.