Know What Happens to Costumes of Actors Once Shoot of a Film is Over

The dresses or costumes worn by celebrities during the shoot of a film often make headlines. The costume inspires many of us as they resonate with the character and often become a fashion trend. Each and every scene has to be designed with nuance, from the set to the costume, for a film. Many of you must have noticed that, in Bollywood films, actors appear in different outfits while shooting a song. But, have you ever wondered, what exactly happens to all the costumes, which are used during the shoot?

Where do clothes come from?

Talking about the costumes of television actors and film celebrities, they are provided with clothes by the production house. These clothes are rented by the production house and given to the actors. Especially when it comes to actresses, their blouses are of normal size and they are customised according to the size of the actress before the shoot.

Are the clothes used again?

Often the clothes are used again. Production houses spend a lot of money on designing versatile costumes. So, when the shooting is done, the clothes are packed and stored in boxes with care, so they can be used again for other shootings. If you look closely, many times, junior actors later appear in those outfits. It is also known that the costumes are remade in an entirely new manner.

Do actors take costumes with them?

This rarely happens. But actors or actresses are allowed to take the costumes home or any other accessories that they wore during the shoot. They take it as a memoir or a souvenir from the movie.

Costumes are auctioned

For charitable causes, costumes worn by big celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Salman Khan and Rajinikanth are put up for auction. The costumes are put up at a high bid and the money collected from the auction goes to charity.

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