Kiratpur-Manali Fourlane: The journey will be pleasant by saving money; 350 rupees will have to be paid for toll at 3 places, recovery in Takoli this month

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Takoli toll plaza to be built on Kiratpur-Manali four lane

Takoli toll plaza on Kiratpur-Manali fourlane is set to start this month. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has also floated its tender and selected the agency for it. Its recovery will start soon by deploying employees at the toll plaza.

Tourists and local people will have to pay toll at three places on this forelane. The first toll is proposed at Garamora in Bilaspur, the second at Baloh in Bilaspur and the third at Takoli. Car drivers will have to pay a toll of around Rs 350. Toll passes for commercial vehicles will be more than this.

The tenders for Garamora and Baloh tolls have not been issued yet. NHAI has also sent the complete file of the tender process of both the tolls to Delhi. After getting the green signal from Delhi, the formalities of starting two other tolls will also be completed.

Tunnel built on Kiratpur-Manali fourlane

Tunnel built on Kiratpur-Manali fourlane

It is being told that car drivers will have to pay about Rs 170 at Garamora toll, about Rs 70 at Baloh toll and about Rs 110 at Takoli. Toll rates for other vehicles will be different.

Toll will have to be paid at only one place to come to Bilaspur

Tourists and local people coming from Kiratpur to Bilaspur will have to pay toll at Garamora. Those going to Hamirpur from Shimla side from this forelane do not have to pay toll anywhere.

Single XL, Double XL vehicles will have different prices

Talking about light commercial vehicles, they will have to pay a toll tax of around Rs 270 in Garamora, more than Rs 120 in Baloh and around Rs 185 in Takoli. For buses and trucks, toll will have to be paid around Rs 570 at Garamora, around Rs 385 at Takoli. Toll rates will be different for Single XL, Double XL and other types of goods vehicles.

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