Justice Shah was given Tiger name by CJI: told anecdote on retirement- CJI in Russia had said that I will give him any work, he will do it

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New Delhi13 hours ago

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MR Shah, the fourth senior most judge of the Supreme Court, retired on 15 May. In the farewell ceremony given on retirement, CJI DY Chandrachud praised him and also read the lion. Retired Justice Shah shared an anecdote related to CJI from a news website.

Justice Shah told that he had got the name Tiger Shah in the Supreme Court. This name was given to him by the CJI. It was a way of showing the CJI’s love and respect for him. Justice Shah told that a few years ago the CJI and he had gone to attend a conference in Russia. There the CJI had said – Whatever work will be done, I will give it to Tiger and he will do that work.

I have never had a dispute with anyone, because this is my nature – Justice Shah
Justice Shah said that he did not face any problem in sitting on any bench of the Supreme Court. He never had a dispute with anyone. He said, “I come from Gujarat. Our nature is to stay connected to the land and cooperate with others. When I started my career in the Supreme Court, someone said that Mukesh bhai! Wherever you go, always stay connected to the land.” . I have always tried to stay grounded. Throughout my career, the veil of power did not blind me.”

On farewell, the CJI said – away from the eyes, where will the heart go?
At the farewell ceremony of Justice Shah by the Supreme Court Bar Association, the CJI said that he used to call Justice Shah Tiger Shah every morning. He also read the lion – away from the eyes, where will it go from the heart. We will miss you very much. Justice MR Shah is very hardworking. He did the same during the time of Kovid. When we were sitting at home listening to serious issues, he used to be ready for the challenge.

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