Justice Pardiwala, who reprimanded Nupur, said: Personal attack on judges is dangerous, social media must be controlled

New Delhi4 minutes ago

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The Supreme Court had held former BJP leader Nupur Sharma responsible for the murders in Udaipur and Amravati. After this, there are constant personal attacks regarding the decision of the judges. A judge, who was part of the bench hearing Nupur Sharma’s petition, has objected to these attacks. Justice JB Pardiwala said at an event that it is dangerous to make personal attacks on judges for their decisions. The judge takes into account only the law while giving the verdict. Not what the media thinks about his decision. Instead of considering the judge’s decision, people on social media give their opinion on it. It is harming the judicial institution and undermining its dignity. There is a need to organize digital and social media throughout the country to maintain the rule of law under the Constitution.

Court asked why Nupur Sharma was not arrested
The bench of Justice Pardiwala and Justice Surya Kant, while hearing the petition of Nupur Sharma, reprimanded her fiercely. The Supreme Court had held her responsible for inciting sentiments across the country and questioned why Nupur Sharma was not arrested.

Nupur had made this demand in the petition
Nupur Sharma had filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking transfer to Delhi by aggregating all the FIRs registered against her across the country. Nupur also said in the petition that she and her family are facing security threats and need protection.

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