‘Judiciary is not so strong’, Mamata’s AIIMS comments Contempt case not accepted

Lawyer Tarunjyoti Tiwari drew the court’s attention today, Tuesday, saying that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has insulted the court. And the Calcutta High Court was seen to observe it strictly. Even the judge commented, the judicial system is not so strong, that such a comment will break the backbone of the judicial system. However, he commented that the courtesy of democracy is being lost in such comments. However, the case was not accepted.

What exactly happened? Minister Partha Chatterjee has been arrested by the ED. He was then taken to AIIMS in Bhubaneswar for a medical check-up as per the orders of the court. And Mamata Banerjee criticized this decision from the stage of conferring the Bangavibhushan honor. His question, why did the minister have to be taken to Bhubaneswar when there are so many public and private hospitals in Bengal? It insulted Bengal. So the case was being filed.

What exactly did the judge say? Lawyer Tarunjyoti Tiwari drew the court’s attention claiming contempt of court over the Chief Minister’s comments. The judge said there, ‘Since Mamata Banerjee made these comments outside the court, it is not contempt of court. There is nothing in his comments

What else is being known? Justice Vivek Chowdhury said, ‘Pillar of Democracy had this sense of courtesy that nothing was said about the judiciary. Now it is fading. What can be done! We follow our judges. I believe in honesty. At night, I went to sleep with peace of mind. No matter the name of the litigant.’