Jorasanko: Ravi Thakur’s office of Trinamool Shikshabandhu! Grass is also in pairs

Ravi Tagore’s Jorasanko is connected with Bengali emotions, Bengali thoughts. Only a part of this Jorasanko is used as Rabindra Bharatiya Campus. And Trinamool invaded that traditional building. Such is the complaint. It is alleged that the office of Trinamool branch organization was also set up by hanging hoardings. The office was opened in the name of Trinamool Shikshabandhu Samiti. Several Trinamool leaders used to sit there in awe. Meetings, stories and rumors all went on sitting in that room. The room was completely glittered. The ambitions of the party leaders also flowed from this room. But finally the hoarding in Ghasphule was opened on the orders of the High Court.

Jorasanko building is considered as heritage. But by pointing a thumb at them, the office of Trinamool influenced organization has been created here. Such is the complaint. A public interest case was filed. Based on that, the court ordered. And because of that, the hoarding was removed for the time being. It has been claimed on behalf of the litigant that Kabiguru met Bankimchandra Chatterjee in this room. In that room, on either side of Ravi Tagore’s picture, there are pictures of Mamata and Abhishek.

A red colored building ahead. And that office was shining because of him. Among them is the picture of the party leadership. Even the color of that part is changed. But how did the color of the heritage building change? Many are looking for an answer to that question. However, many Rabindra lovers were hurt by this behavior of the supporters of the ruling party. But the only relief is that the hoardings of organizations influenced by the ruling party have finally been removed from Ravi Thakur’s house. However, the Trinamool leadership did not want to give a direct response about this house. However, the organization has claimed that we have not done anything fraudulent. Earlier anti-federalists were extremely angry at the overall situation.