Jeffrey Epstein Files: 2nd Batch Details How He Recruited Girls To His Home For ‘Massage’

In the latest developments pertaining to unsealed court documents revealing the names of some of the associates of late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s associates, 19 more unsealed documents were publicly released on Friday. This comes after several court documents were made public on Wednesday. 

One document, a deposition from Palm Beach Detective Joseph Recarey, revealed how Epstein and his former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell used to find and recruit girls “to perform massages and work at Epstein’s home,” as reported by CNN.

This was the second batch of documents to be made publicly available as a part of a lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims, against Ghislaine Maxwell.

In the document, when asked by an attorney how many girls Recarey had spoken to about being recruited by Maxwell, Recarey answered, “I would say approximately 30; 30, 33,” as quoted by CNN. The attorney asked Recarey: “And at the end of that massage, if that victim brought other friends, she would get paid for the recruitment of those friends?” “Correct,” Recarey said.

The attorney also asked Joseph Recarey, “So did you determine that ‘massage’ was actually a code word for something else?” Recarey’s said, “When they went to perform a massage, it was for sexual gratification,” as quoted by CNN. According to CNN, Joseph Recarey was the lead detective on a previous case against Epstein in the mid-2000s.

According to the news agency AP, the second batch of documents also included some new details about the financier’s sexual abuse of teenage girls, and reminds how he leveraged his powerful connections to recruit his victims and help cover up his crimes.

Some of the depositions revealed how girls were convinced to go to Jeffrey’s home and were asked to bring friends for more payment. According to NBC News, one woman who was a teenager at the time said she had no experience with massage and no assumption or expectation that the visit would involve sexual activity.

“Jeffrey took my clothes off without my consent the first time I met him,” according to a transcript of a deposition from the woman, whose name has been redacted,” she said, as per NBC News.

In 2016, Former Palm Beach police Det. Joseph Recarey said that Ghislaine Maxwell was involved in recruiting girls to give massages and work at Epstein’s home. Recarey stated that he interviewed around 33 women, according to a transcript, as reported by NBC News. Only two, who were older, had any massage experience, he said. Most of the girls were younger than 18.

“Each of the victims that went to the home were asked to bring their friends to the home. Some complied and some didn’t,” Recarey said, as quoted by NBC News. 

According to The Guardian, the court documents made public on Wednesday contained the names of some high-profile people, including Prince Andrew, former US President Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson, David Copperfield, and Stephen Hawking.