Jammu: Public bicycle-sharing becomes a huge success! Records 1.55 lakh rides

Jammu riders take a big step in boosting eco-friendly mobility by making the newly introduced bicycle-sharing system a big hit. Jammu Smart City Limited (JSCL) has recorded 1.55 lakh rides by nearly 13,000 users in the first four months of launching. JSCL, a special purpose vehicle (SPV) constituted in August 2017 by the Jammu and Kashmir government as part of its smart city development projects in Jammu city, has established a network of bicycle dock stations in different parts of the city. The system allows users to rent a bicycle from an automatic docking station and deposit it at another docking station located close to the destination.

“The first-of-its-kind public bicycle sharing system recorded a total of 1,55,134 rides by 12,936 users between May 1 and August 31,” the official said. Of the riders, 2,846 were female, and the total distance covered by all riders was 33,230 kms, the official said.

Jammu University front station recorded the highest, with 9,694 rides, followed by Tawi fourth bridge (7251), Vikram chowk (7188), Gujjar Nagar (6257), and Channi Himmat (6178). JSCL has set up 120 docking stations with a fleet of 720 mechanical bicycles and 80 electric bicycles (pedal-assisted) across the city to boost eco-friendly mobility. 

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“Residents can rent a bicycle through the mobile app ‘Yaana Bikes.’ The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms,” the official said. The minimum membership fee is Rs 50 for five rides of 30 minutes each day, and the maximum is Rs 1,500 for 1,500 rides of 30 minutes each in a year. 

(With inputs from PTI)