‘It was alarming’: Guests at Disneyland Tokyo take cover as 6.2-magnitude quake strikes

By India Today World Desk: Guests at Disneyland Tokyo were in a state of panic and were seen crouching on the pavements of the theme park as a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck Japan’s east coast on Friday. A video of tourists at Disneyland taking cover is making rounds on the internet.

One of the Twitter users shared the video which shows the feet of some people walking around the park. Moments later, as soon as an earthquake warning is heard on the speaker, guests at Disneyland are seen squatting down near the theme park’s sidewalks and huddling in the gift shop.

“Attention! Prepare for a strong earthquake!’ – A video from a few minutes ago shows Tokyo Disneyland’s earthquake warning system in action,” reads the caption of the 42-second video.

Another video showed people squatting down after an earthquake warning was issued.

There have been no reports of significant damage or casualties although the earthquake’s epicentre was off the coast of Chiba and it also affected the Ibaraki prefecture, The Independent reported. No tsunami alert was issued.

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“It was a longer shake than the one we had a week or so ago, and lot stronger, wrote one of the users on the Twitter post.

“It was alarming when we didn’t understand what was going on and what the people were saying while walking and finally felt it was an actual earthquake moments after,” wrote another.

Another user wrote mockingly, “Is this a drill their doing or an actual earthquake just happened?”

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