Israel Reports First Case Of ‘Florona’, A Double Infection Of Covid & Influenza

New Delhi: Israel reported the first case of ‘Florona disease’, a double infection of Covid-19 and influenza virus, a report by Arab News said on Thursday.

“#Israel records first case of #florona disease, a double infection of #Covid19 and influenza,” Arab News tweeted.

Meanwhile, the national health providers of Israel on Friday started administering the fourth vaccine shots against Coronavirus to people with compromised immune systems.

The Director General of the Health Ministry Nachman Ash approved the booster vaccine shots for the immuno-suppressed individuals in the wake of surge in Omicron cases. This comes almost four months since the third vaccine dose was administered to these people, according to a Time of Israel report.

Nachman Ash on Friday also okayed vaccine shots for elderly patients at geriatric facilities. The ministry said that this decision was taken in the light of concerns of outbreak at these facilities and the health safety of the patients there.

A doctor from Cairo University Hospital, Dr Nahla Abdel Wahab, told media sources in the country that the double infection Florona might be indicative of a massive collapse of the person’s immune system, as reported by Hindustan Times.

Meanwhile, Israel continues to report a spike in Covid numbers. According to the health data, the country recorded around 5,000 Covid cases on Thursday.

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