Israel Embassy blast: Delhi Police locates 2 suspects in CCTV footage, letter addressed to envoy found

Image Source : PTI Police and other officials near the Embassy of Israel after Delhi Police received a call about a blast near the embassy, in New Delhi

Israel Embassy blast: Hours after a blast reported near the Israel Embassy in the Chanakyapuri area in New Delhi, the Delhi Police said they located two suspects in the CCTV footage. The police said they have been investigating the footage aiming to find the exact location of the duo.  

“Two persons are seen roaming in the area in CCTV footage. Their role in the ‘blast’ call incident is not yet clear. We are trying to ascertain their identity and what were they doing in the area at the time of the call. Things will become clear only after their questioning,” news agency ANI sources said.

Warning letter found 

Besides, the police said it recovered a letter addressed to the Ambassador of the Israeli embassy, wrapped in an Israeli flag, which was found near the blast site.

“A letter has been written in English to the Israeli Embassy in which threatening words are used. The group whose name is written on the letter is Sir Allah Resistance,” said sources.

Story so far

Delhi Police on Tuesday received a call that a ‘blast’ was heard near the Israel Embassy in the Chanakyapuri area, but officials said that nothing as such was found at the spot of the incident. The call was received by the Delhi Fire Services at around 6 pm. Soon, the Delhi police crime unit along with fire services and bomb disposal squad reached the spot. Experts from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) team also reached the spot.

“The sound of a blast was heard by a security guard standing there,” FSL sources had said. A security guard standing near the embassy said, “I heard a loud noise at around 5 pm. The noise was similar to a tyre burst. I also saw smoke going up near a tree.”

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