Israel Continues Mighty Vengeance After Surprise Attack By Hamas Kills Over 250 People

The death toll resulting from the multi-front attack by the Hamas terror group on Israel has now surpassed 300, with expectations of further increases. According to reports, medical officials have said that up to 1,600 individuals have been injured, many of them severely. On the other hand, around 250 people includig Hamas terrorits is reported to be killed in Gaza in the counter-attack launched by Israel.

It is believed that both civilians and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers were taken captive and brought into Gaza by various Hamas militants. Hamas claims that the number of hostages exceeds the count acknowledged by Israel. On a Saturday at approximately 6:30 am local time, a barrage of rockets was launched from Gaza into Israel, targeting several cities such as Tel Aviv, Rehovot, Gedera, and Ashkelon.

Following this, several Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip, gaining control of Israeli towns. The operation was named “Al-Aqsa Storm” by Hamas military commander Muhammad Al-Deif, who stated that it was in response to attacks on women, the desecration of the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, and the ongoing siege of Gaza.

Graphic videos depicted bodies scattered in the streets of Sderot, a southern city, after the assault by Palestinian militants. Cars were heavily damaged by bullets and set ablaze, as reported by The Washington Post. In the meantime, the IDF reported that they have eliminated seven terrorists attempting to cross into Israel via Zikim Beach just north of Gaza.

The IDF successfully prevented the terrorists from infiltrating Israeli communities and confirmed recent strikes on three operational sites used by Hamas in Gaza, as per The Times of Israel. Additionally, Israeli security forces have conducted a rescue operation, saving an unspecified number of individuals who were held hostage in a residence in the southern town of Ofakim. The terrorists involved in the hostage situation were reportedly neutralized, according to the reports.

Israel Defence Forces said that active battles are still underway between them and terrorists inside Gaza and the IDF have not yet been able to re-establish full control over all of its bases and areas. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Hamas has started a cruel, evil war and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will use all its strength to destroy Hamas’ capabilities. (With agency inputs)