Is Your Furry Friend Suddenly Turning Aggressive? Here’s What You Need to do

We are all aware of the unfortunate dog incident in Lucknow. The dog mauled the mother of a gym trainer. As per the media reports, the incident happened when the mother was on the terrace. This incident has left many dog parents shocked. People wondered how a pet dog could attack its owner?

Pet lovers are suspecting other reasons for the attack. Doctors opine that the dog might have a rabies infection. A doctor from Delhi’s Charity World Hospital said, “Rabies first target the nervous system of the dog and then muscles of the body. This in turn makes the dog paralyzed. In such a condition, the dog’s ability to think and understand declines.”

It is even said that infected dogs can attack their family members as well. Any paw friends need to know how rabies works and affects our dogs? Moreover, symptoms you can look for.

Symptoms in an infected dog

Observing the behaviour of the dog is an essential part of the symptoms. If you notice sudden aggression, be alert.

If your furry friend starts losing interest in activities he or she loved, again get alert.

Observe some physical signs like paralyzing, fever, difficulty in eating or swallowing, and excessive drooling.

As the virus spreads in the body, your doggo might hide in a dark place. Isolation of the dog is a common sign.

Foaming at the mouth means excessive saliva or drooling. This is a sign that you should not wait. Furry friends lose their control of muscles, especially the head and throat. Foaming happens at the last stage and could lead to death if ignored for a long time.

Prevention is better than cure, so how to prevent rabies in any dog?

After adopting a pet, have a complete body check-up. Complete the vaccination procedure timely.

Socialise your doggo with humans and other dogs as well.

Spaying or neutering is one of the best ways parents should go.

Rabies is a deadly virus that can happen to humans as well. As per World Health Organisation, “India accounts for almost 36% of the global deaths due to rabies.” Furthermore, “About 96% of the mortality and morbidity in humans due to rabies is associated with dog bites.”

Some cases of rabies are also reported after bites or scratches from cats, monkeys, wolves, jackals, and mongooses.

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