iPhone And Apple Watch Design Lead Tang Tan Leaving The Company

Tang Tan, the Apple executive overseeing iPhone and smartwatch design, is set to depart the company in February, according to a report by news agency Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the matter. This follows the earlier departure of Steve Hotelling, the executive responsible for iPhone screen and touch ID technology. Hotelling was responsible for transforming how the iPhones funtion and feel.

The report  added that that this development has prompted an internal restructuring affecting the company’s crucial product lines. Presently, Tang is under the leadership of John Ternus, Apple’s Senior Vice President for hardware engineering. Insiders familiar with Apple’s workings express that Tan’s departure is a setback, emphasising his pivotal role in shaping critical decisions for Apple’s key products. In addition to his contributions to the iPhone, Tang played a crucial role in transforming the Watch and AirPods into significant growth catalysts for the Cupertino-based company.

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Tang, whose title is vice president of product design, is leaving in February, according to people with knowledge of the matter, who asked not to be identified because the move isn’t public, noted the report. Furthermore, Kate Bergeron, a respected executive in hardware engineering overseeing Mac teams at Apple, will take on the responsibility of shaping the design direction for the Apple Watch. In Apple’s organisational framework, the product design team collaborates closely with the industrial design and operations groups. Tang’s team exercises stringent control over product features, including the aesthetics of devices and their engineering aspects.

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Notably, this is also at least the third exit in a year from Ternus’ organization. Yannick Bertolus, who was once in charge of hardware product quality and later ran hardware product management, recently retired. His predecessor in the latter role, Laura Legros, left at the end of last year, the report added.