Inspiring Story Of Renuka Singh – 1st Woman Likely To Be Chief Minister Of Chhattisgarh

Following the resounding victory of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Chhattisgarh, intense discussions have ignited about the potential Chief Minister. Amidst a myriad of names in contention, one standout figure has emerged—Renuka Singh. Her notable triumph in the Bharatpur Sonhat ST seat, where she secured a significant lead over Congress’ Gulab Kamro, has positioned her as a strong contender for the coveted role. If successful, Chhattisgarh may not only witness the appointment of its first Chief Minister from the Scheduled Tribes but could also mark a historic moment with the state’s first female Chief Minister.

Currently serving as the Minister of State for Tribal Affairs in the Modi government, Renuka Singh has deep roots in Chhattisgarh’s Saraguja region, known for its substantial Adivasi population. Her popularity extends beyond political circles, especially among women. While recognized for her candid statements, Singh gained attention during the 2023 assembly elections for a bold proclamation. In a clear jab at her political opponents and the Congress government, she declared that if anyone attempted to harm one of her party workers, she would not hesitate to cut off one hand and place it in the other.

Political Journey of Renuka Singh:

Born Leader: Renuka Singh, born on January 5 in the village of Pori Bachra in the Korea district, showcased early leadership qualities.

Initiation into Politics: Her political journey commenced as a member of the Ramnaj Nagar District Panchayat.

Progress through the Ranks: Rising through grassroots politics, Singh served as the BJP Mandal President in Ramnaj Nagar.

First Electoral Triumph: 2003 saw her victory in the Premnagar Assembly seat, marking her entry into the Raipur legislative assembly.

Inclusion in the Raman Singh Government: By 2008, Singh became part of the Raman Singh government, overseeing the Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Department.

Member of Parliament: In 2019, Singh secured victory from the Saraguja Lok Sabha constituency, representing the BJP.

Current Role: Currently, she serves as the Minister of State for Tribal Affairs in the Modi government.

Why Renuka Singh is the Preferred Choice:

With numerous political figures already present in Chhattisgarh, the question arises: why is Renuka Singh emerging as the frontrunner? Understanding this necessitates a close examination of both the election results and the promises made during the campaign. Throughout their election campaign, BJP leaders underscored the alleged neglect of women under Bhupesh Baghel’s leadership, vowing to prioritize women’s development if the BJP assumed power. The ‘Matahari Vandana’ scheme garnered considerable attention during the campaign. Analyzing the results reveals the BJP’s exceptional performance in both the Saraguja and Bastar regions, clinching victories in 14 Adivasi seats in Saraguja and 11 in Bastar. These are the same seats that played a pivotal role in Bhupesh Baghel’s significant win in 2018.