Indian under trial drug saved the life of a Nepali woman: Lung-liver, kidney were infected; the antibiotic fixed it

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A new medicine made in India saved the life of a Nepalese woman. The special thing is that this drug is still under trial in Europe, that means its use is not allowed yet. But this medicine has proved to be life-giving for the woman.

Know what was the whole matter
In early August, a 50-year-old woman from Nepal underwent a tummy tuck surgery to remove belly fat in Lucknow. A few days later, the woman developed fever, which gradually turned into a lung infection. After a few days, it started affecting the liver and kidney as well. The woman developed sepsis and was put on ventilator support.

Gram negative bacteria named Pseudomonas aeruginosa was responsible behind this condition of the woman. Most drugs are not effective against Gram-negative bacteria, and in this case no antibiotic other than colistin was able to affect the bacteria. After three weeks, the effect of colistin on the bacteria also ended. This meant that there was no longer any medicine to treat the woman. In such a situation, the woman was shifted from the local hospital to Medanta.

When the condition of the woman continued to deteriorate at the local hospital, she was shifted to Medanta.

When the condition of the woman continued to deteriorate at the local hospital, she was shifted to Medanta.

The doctor had read the research paper of the drug
Dr. Dilip Dubey, Critical Care Specialist at Medanta had read about WCK5222 in the research paper. He called at Wockhardt and asked for this antibiotic medicine. The Wockhardt lab told him that only the patient’s family could demand the drug, that too on a sympathetic basis. For this also after taking permission from the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI). The woman’s family wrote a letter to DCGI and within 48 hours they got permission to use this antibiotic.

Patient was given 10 days free course of WCK5222. Dr. Dubey said- ‘Though we gave medicine to the patient for 10 days, but he got relief from the bacteria on the 5th day itself.’ The patient was discharged on 12 September. After this the patient came to Medanta Lucknow for 5 medical checkups. A few weeks ago, doctors allowed the woman to go to Nepal.

This drug has been made in Aurangabad's Wockhardt Laboratory, which is currently under-trial in Europe.

This drug has been made in Aurangabad’s Wockhardt Laboratory, which is currently under-trial in Europe.

Now its trial will start in India
This drug has been made at the Wockhardt Research Center in Aurangabad. Mahesh Patel, Chief Scientific Officer of this laboratory, said, ‘Our drug WCK5222, which is currently in clinical trials in some European countries, was declared by the World Health Organization as a reliable antibiotic. Now we will start its trial in India.

Work on WCK5222 started in 2012
After this matter, Wockhardt researchers Mahesh Patel and Sachin Bhagwat said that now our plan is to start clinical trials in India. We have obtained approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for WCK5222 and are soon going to start the study in India.

Researchers said that in 2012, 130 scientists together started work on WCK5222. Phase 1 trial of this drug was done on 200 patients, in which it was revealed that this drug is safe for use on humans. The company has received requests for the use of this antibiotic from many countries including India. About this has also been published in 25-30 publications so far.

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