India TV-CNX Opinion Poll: 64% OBCs want Narendra Modi, 15% Rahul, 3% Nitish as their next Prime Minister

Image Source : PTI Representational image

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: The Bihar government has released the data of the recently conducted caste census in the state ahead of next year’s Lok Sabha elections. According to the data announced by Development Commissioner Vivek Singh, Bihar’s total population stood at 13.07 crore out of which 36 per cent are Extremely Backward Classes (EBCs), 27.13 per cent are Other Backward Classes (OBCs). Both EBCs and OBCs account for 63 per cent of the state’s total population. The survey also found out that Yadavs, the sub-OBC group, is the largest in terms of population accounting for 14.27 per cent of the total share. The Dalits, which come under Scheduled Castes (SCs), account for 19.65 per cent, and the upper caste comprises of 15.52 per cent. Post this survey, India TV-CNX conducted an opinion poll to gauge the mood of the OBC voters to predict which leader they would like to see as their next Prime Minister. Let’s take a look.

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