In the CBI chargesheet, Anarul Hossain is accused of inciting the Bogtui massacre

At the instigation of Anarul, 11 people were burnt to death in a closed house in Bogtui. The CBI accepted the allegations of the families of the victims in the chargesheet. The chargesheet filed by the CBI in the Rampurhat court on Monday applied Section 109 of the Indian Penal Code against Anarul for aiding and abetting the crime. Although Anarul has already claimed, he is innocent.

Family members of the victims have been pointing fingers at Trinamool local block president Anarul Hossain since the Bogtui massacre. They complained that Anarul did not inform the police even though he saw the house burning in front of his eyes. The villagers asked him to contact the police but he remained inactive. On March 24, he was arrested from Tarapith Hotel. However, Anarul said while appearing in court, he has been framed. Hanged, those seen on TV, they.

On the evening of March 21, Bhadu Sheikh, the Trinamool deputy chief of the panchayat, was killed at Bogtui intersection in Rampurhat. A few hours later, miscreants set fire to Sona Sheikh’s house in nearby Barashal village. Eleven people died in the fire. On March 25, the High Court directed a CBI probe into the incident. The CBI filed the first chargesheet in the case on Monday. As there are no names in the chargesheet, 21 people have already been granted bail. Meanwhile, four accused, including Palash Khan, are still at large.

According to locals, former Trinamool Bloc president Anarul Hossain was a professional mason. Since the Trinamool came to power, he has been on the rise. Pictures of his palace house came to light after the Bogtui massacre. Meanwhile, after the incident, a competition started within the grassroots to shake off Anarul’s responsibility. District Trinamool president Anubrat Mandal leaked a letter from Rampurhat MLA and deputy speaker Ashish Bandyopadhyay, claiming that he had appointed Anarul as block Trinamool president at Ashisbabu’s request.