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UPSC exam preparation can be done while working.

Every year more than 10 lakh candidates appear for the UPSC exam.

The Union Public Service Commission is one of the most difficult examinations not just in India but throughout the world. Every year, more than 10 lakh students appear for the examination. Each candidate comes from a unique family and educational background.

Everyone’s age is also different and has different experiences. Some prepare for the UPSC examination along with their job, while others prepare with the help of coaching.

It is not easy to prepare for the UPSC exam with a full-time job. But it is not impossible, either. Although preparation for a government job is also considered a full-time task, if one’s basics are clear, then one can study by dedicating a few hours of the day.

IFS Himanshu Tyagi is a prominent figure on social media. He, too, had prepared for the UPSC CSE exam while working full-time. Recently, he shared some tips for aspirants on how to prepare for the UPSC along with the job. Let’s take a look.

Can one prepare for the UPSC exam along with the job?

Answering this, Himanshu said it is a bit difficult to prepare for the UPSC exam along with the job. Although he did complete preparation for the competitive exam while he was working, IFS Himanshu Tyagi also shared that some working candidates pass the UPSC exam on their first attempt. One should never compare their situation with anyone else. Everyone’s situation, job, job timing, aptitude, and potential are different.

Can we expect help from our boss?

Himanshu Tyagi, a government officer in the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department, believes that one should not demand too much from one’s employer or coworkers. If one is preparing for the UPSC test, then it’s totally one’s responsibility and one should try to balance things.

Should the job be given less priority?

According to IFS Himanshu Tyagi, many applicants begin to ignore their work when they start preparing for the exam, which is unacceptable. One should keep one’s existing workplace as their top priority. Applicants should divide their time between work and UPSC test preparation. If one does not do this, their colleagues can criticize them.

Keep focusing on these three things:

Candidates preparing for the UPSC exam with a full-time job should take great care of three things:

1. Your job: One should keep their job as their first focus throughout office hours. If one’s family is dependent on it, then one should give proper priority to their work.

2. Your health: Health is more important than UPSC exam preparation or any job. If one is not well, then they can’t work hard for both things.

3. Your studies: If one is preparing for the UPSC exam, anytime one has free time, one should focus on studying and stay away from all forms of distraction.

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