How to Take Advantage of Writer’s Block

Every writer has faced it even the famous writers have faced the situation known as writer’s block. So there is nothing to worry about. It is a temporary phase which will pass away. However this could be a God sent opportunity to take a break and advance your writing career.

Here are the nine steps that can help a writer in advancing his or her writing career.

1. Advertise and promote

When after all that you could do to cure the writer’s block you find yourself stuck for words then it is time to move on. Shut your PC, go out, and advertise your writing business. Promote it with fliers, or just word of mouth. The idea is to spread the word about your business which while writing you were not able to do. So take advantage of the time away from the writing and advertise your writing skills. It will give you some ideas to write also for example you can write on advertising part of the writing business.

2. Network and connect

Networking plays a crucial role in any and every business. So step out of your home or office or where ever you sit and write and meet people, connect with them. Find out what do they want in life? What are their dreams, hopes, and aspirations? Observe their behavior and note it down in a notepad. Networking does not mean self promoting although there is a thin line difference between the two. Leave self promoting for advertising section. Here you meet people at personal level. The ground rule of networking is to listen. Listen to people not just with your ears but with your heart as well and take notes of their wants, desires, and dreams. Then come back and write them and you will be surprised how the ideas start flowing again.

3. Brainstorm ideas

Meet fellow writers and have brainstorming sessions with them. You will be surprised how many angles come up for just one idea. And there could be some new ideas as well. You might be facing a writer’s block but that does not mean that you are less creative now so go out and have a casual discussion with your fellow writers. It does not matter whether they are novelist, reporters, editors, or even article writers. You will be surprised how each of them is filled with ideas and you will agree that a stockpile of ideas is always good to beat the writer’s block.

4. Edit your previous work

Since a writer is always busy in writing he or she doesn’t’t get the time to thoroughly polish the written work. Now is the time to have a detailed look at your previous work and give it a final proofreading before submitting it. Since proofreading is not as demanding as writing it can be accomplished when a writer is stuck with the writer’s block.

5. Read

Reading and writing go hand in hand. If you don’t like to read you can not improve your writing skills. So read. Be a voracious reader and your mind will thank you for all the information you feed it. And since a writer does not get much time to read this is the best time to seize this opportunity to read that favorite book.

6. Writing Conferences

A writer in order to keep himself updated should also attend the writing conferences in or around his or her area. But since being a writer is a full time job lack of time is the main reason what keeps a writer away from such conferences so now is the time to attend these conferences.

7. Go for a cup of coffee

Yes, do that. How long it has been since you have enjoyed a good coffee and doing nothing. Go to your nearby coffee shop and watch people. It is a best exercise for a tired mind which is the main reason for the block that a writer faces.

8. Website update

This is the time to activate the dead links and add some fresh links to the website. Also since there is a time a writer can add some interesting features to the website which will make it more users friendly and easily accessible by search engines.

9. Sense of accomplishment

It is easy to just sit in front of the PC and wish that the writer’s block will away. However there are other ways to beat the writer’s block so use them and see how the writing career flourishes.

Source by Swati Nitin Gupta