How to invest money smartly? | Fund Ka Funda with Mehraj Dube

How to become a millionaire with your money – for how many years, how many thousand can be invested, the safest way for your retirement – will show the easiest way. What are the things to keep in mind as soon as you start a job that you should be happy for the whole life – PPF, Savings, Equity or Stock can make you rich before time – Will do a thorough investigation. The world of crypto continues to shine, but with the precautions related to it, you can make safe investments – Sagittarius X experts will tell how the way of NFT is different from crypto coins. Mehraj- We will explain these three big things completely in your language in Fund Ka Funda. What are the major monetary challenges from starting a job to retirement and how can a person’s life become tension free by following simple tips for the same?