How Childhood Trauma Affects Your Relationships as an Adult

Childhood trauma comprises any event, action or instance that adversely affects a child’s mental and physical well-being. Many experts believe that childhood trauma can impact a child’s life as an adult.

Bad childhood memories, accidents or experiences can be a major factor in making and breaking any relationship. The trauma in the mind of a child can have a major effect on the future relationships of that child.

Psychologist and relationship counsellor Lucille Shackleton explains that with time, a child becomes more mature and learns to deal with his or her childhood trauma.

However, the child may experience many types of insecurities when he or she goes into a relationship as an adult.

With the help of counselling, meditation, and other methods, you can overcome the adverse effects of your childhood trauma and enjoy a healthy relationship. Let us note how childhood trauma may affect your relationships in the future.

Lack of trust

If a person goes through any incident in childhood in which he or she has been betrayed, that person may have a problem trusting his loved ones throughout his life.

Problems in communication

When children are not given the freedom to communicate in a better way or are taught to tolerate everything silently, they will have problems expressing their feelings as an adult. Due to this, people are not able to share their feelings even with their loved ones.

Taking too much stress

If a person has been under stress since childhood, it acts as a trigger for him or her and the person will try to avoid all kinds of stress in the relationship.

Overreact on little things

Many times, a person starts to overreact to things that others may not even understand. This can lead to misunderstandings in your relationship.

Lack of attachment

Due to childhood trauma, many times a person is not able to attach quickly to anyone. In such a situation, going into a relationship can be a difficult task for him or her.


A person may also keep trying to harm himself while he is in a relationship. This can prove to be very damaging for any relationship. If you are experiencing something like this, you can salvage your relationship with the help of counselling.

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