‘Hope Richa Brings More Laurels to the Nation’: Proud Father Mahendra Ghosh Following U19 T20 WC Heriocs

Last Updated: January 30, 2023, 7:55 PM IST

The U19 T20 Women’s team that clinched the championship has seen immense contributions from the girls of Bengal and one key component of that is Richa Ghosh.

“One of the best moments of my cricket career. This time we have to become T20 World Cup champions in the senior category too” a jubilant Ghosh said following team India’s historic victory at the inaugural U-19 women’s T20 World Cup.

“I hope the trophy drought of the women’s cricket team is over. From now on we will win many more trophies, and become champions”, Ghosh, one of the team’s stars, said after beating England in the final.

A regular member of the senior team, Richa was one of the mainstays of the U-19 T20 squad. The Siliguri wicketkeeper-batter took a catch despite not batting in the final. She gave confidence to the team with the bat throughout the tournament.

Speaking about Richa, former India captain Jhulan Goswami said, “The way Richa was leading the team behind the wicket was truly commendable. It was very good to see her playing so maturely. Richa has used the experience of playing in the senior team every moment in the tournament. And she is one of the assets of team India. It is a different feeling to see the Indian team including Richa become champions like this.’”

Her father Manabendra Ghosh is behind Richa’s involvement in cricket and supported her through all the struggles.

While the girl from Bengal is celebrating with the trophy on the ground in South Africa, her proud father was watching the game on TV in a hotel near Sealdah station. Manabendra Ghosh is an umpire at the club cricket level, managed by CAB even though he lives in Siliguri.

He had arranged a surprise gift for Richa, a brand new car for her world-champion daughter. But, Manabendra has another dream. In addition to becoming the U19 World Cup champion, he wants to see his daughter crowned T20 World Cup champion at the senior level too.

“I have planned a gift for Richa. I’ve booked a car for her”, a proud Manabendra Ghosh said.

When asked if he had spoken to his daughter after the World Cup final, he replied, “Richa made a video call. She introduced me to the coach and other team members.”

Although he is in Kolkata at the moment, Manabendra distributed sweets in the city as well as Sealdah following his daughter’s moment in the sun.

Manabendra attributed his daughter’s success to her hard work on and off the field.

“An incident happened a few hours before the start of the game. Richa called my elder daughter and asked her to upload a picture on social media. But, my elder daughter told her to upload the picture after emerging victorious, to which Richa replied, we will become champions. We will do everything to win the trophy.”

“It is very good to see the confidence of the girl”, Ghosh said.

“I hope Richa will bring more success to the country in the future”, he concluded.

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