Hiran in the same posture, changed the picture, disappeared Ajit Maiti

A reverse of the viral photo of Hiran in Abhishek’s office has surfaced on social media. On Friday night, there was an uproar in the state politics around that picture. In another picture that has surfaced, she is seen sitting in the same pose at an event. Ajit Maiti is not seen in the film.

On Sunday, 2 pictures were seen simultaneously on different pages on social media. It is seen there, Hiran is sitting in a movie related event. Ajit Maiti is also not there. In place of Trinamool, Yash Raj Films and PVR Pictures logos are seen in the film. Hindustan Times Bangla could not be sure about the authenticity of any of these pictures. As of Sunday afternoon, there were no comments on any of the deer’s social media accounts about the photo.

Let’s say, a picture went viral on social media on Friday night. It is claimed that Hiran went to Abhishek Banerjee’s office on January 10. Although he did not comment on the picture, Hiran tweeted the picture and said that he was in Madhya Pradesh on January 10 at the invitation of the Madhya Pradesh government. No BJP leader seemed to be concerned about the picture of the deer. A spokesperson of BJP said after seeing that picture, it might be an old picture.

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