‘Hindus, Muslims Children Of God. Will Use Sword If…’: Mohan Bhagwat

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) president Mohan Bhagwat stated on Sunday that while viewpoints may differ, conscience and consciousness are universal across the nation. Speaking at an even in Mumbai, RSS Chief said: “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj wrote letter to Aurangzeb after temple was destroyed in Kashi mentioning that Hindus & Muslims are children of one god & brutality on one of them is wrong & that his job is to respect everyone & if it isn’t stopped then he’ll use his sword,” news agency ANI reported.

He was giving a speech at a gathering in the Ravindra Natya Mandir auditorium on the occasion of Saint Shiromani Rohidas’ 647th birthday.

“When we earn a livelihood, we have also responsibility towards the society. When every work is for the greater good of the society, how can any work be big, small or different? To our maker, we are equal. There is no caste or sect. These difrerences were created by our priests, which was wrong,” Bhagwat was quoted by ANI in its report.

According to the RSS president, Saint Rohidas is regarded as a Saint Shiromani since his height is larger than that of Tulsidas, Kabir, and Surdas.

“Although he couldn’t win over the Brahmins in Shastrath, he was able to touch many hearts and made them believe in God,” he said.

He exhorted Indians to appreciate all forms of labour, regardless of their nature, and he pleaded with them to cease looking for employment.

No civilization in the world, he claimed, can generate more than 30% of the employment needed.

“No matter what kind of work people do, it should be respected. Lack of dignity for labour is one of reasons behind unemployment. Whether work requires physical labour or intellect, whether it requires hard work or soft skills – all should be respected,” he was quoted by PTI on its official Twitter handle.

The global scenario is favourable for the country to become the ‘vishwaguru’ (world’s mentor), he said. “But we are not going to be like other nations after attaining notoriety in the globe,” he added, adding, “but there is no scarcity of skill sets in the country.”

“Before the Islamic invasion in the country, other invaders did not disturb our lifestyle, our traditions and our schools of thought. But they (Islamic invaders) had a logical argument. First they defeated us using their might and then suppressed us psychologically,” he said.

“We opened the path for invaders to assault us because we were selfish. Selfishness has dominated in our culture, and we have ceased placing value on other people and their labour, according to Bhagwat. The existing untouchability in society was resisted by seers and eminent persons such as Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar,” he noted.

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