Hindu Men Can Have 2nd Marriage In Goa If Wife Fails To Deliver Male Child By Age Of 30: Owaisi

New Delhi: The President of the All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), Asaduddin Owaisi, said that the country does not require a Uniform Civil Code, amidst growing support for it in the states ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

The 52-year-old leader said that as per Goa civil code, Hindu men have the right to marry for the second time if the wife does not deliver a male child by the age of 30, news agency ANI reported.

Owaisi Talked About Article 47

According to a video shared by the news agency, Owaisi also talked about Article 47 of the Constitution of India, which directs the State to improve public health as among its primary duties and mentions that the State shall endeavour to bring about prohibition of intoxicating drinks and drugs which are injurious to health. Owaisi questioned the BJP state government in Goa that why has it not prohibited alcohol yet in the state. 

The AIMIM Chief Talked About Article 38

The AIMIM chief also mentioned Article 38, which states that the state shall strive to minimise the inequalities in income. According to Article 38 of the Constitution, “The State shall, in particular, strive to minimise the inequalities in income, and endeavour to eliminate inequalities in status, facilities and opportunities, not only amongst individuals but also amongst groups of people residing in different areas or engaged in different vocations.”

He said that 90 per cent of the country’s wealth is with 10-15 people, and questioned why there is no prohibition on alcohol. He called alcohol the “root of all evil” and said that two to three lakh people die each year in road accidents caused because of being drunk. He added that some people become violent towards women and children after alcohol consumption. 

‘There Is A Huge Difference Between Uniform & Common Code’: Owaisi

Owaisi said there is a huge difference between Uniform and Common Code. He questioned why Muslims, Christians, and Sikhs do not get the benefits of Hindu Undivided Family tax rebate. “Isn’t this a violation of Right to Equality?” he asked. 

The Constitution promises protection of the culture of Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Nagaland, Owaisi said. “Will that be removed?” he asked. 

Owaisi Said Economy Is Down, Yet Govt Is Worried Only About Uniform Civil Code

Owaisi said that the economy is down, passenger trains have been cancelled to ensure coal supplies, unemployment has increased, and inflation rates are surging, yet the government is worried only about Uniform Civil Code.

“I am against this, and the Law Commission of India itself has said that a uniform civil code is not needed in the country,” Owaisi further said. 

On August 31, 2018, the Law Commission of India said uniform civil code “is neither necessary nor desirable at this stage” in the country.

Owaisi also said that Sanjay Raut, a Shiv Sena leader, should not drag me into their scuffle. “He should not mention my name as ‘Hindu Owaisi’ (to provoke Raj Thackarey,” ANI quoted the AIMIM chief as saying. He added that it is the Thackarey family infighting, and that they should try to solve it.