Himachal Governor warned about dividing the society: Arlekar said- The purpose of slandering Ramcharit Manas and Lord Ram is to divide the society

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Himachal Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar has said that these days efforts are being made to divide the society and create divisions among the people. Some speak on Ramcharit Manas and some sneer at Lord Ram. Someone says something else so that there is a difference in the society. The Governor was speaking at the historic Jod Mela organized at Santoshgarh in Una on Sunday.

Arlekar said that people need to follow the teachings of Guru Ravidas in life. His teachings are ideal for the whole country. It cannot be bound within any limits.

The governor described Guru Ravidas as the saint of the nation and said that Ram is the Lord of all of us. Guru Ravidas ji gave such a lesson. The Governor described the Jod Mela of Santoshgarh as historic.

He said that he got the opportunity to meet Guru Ravidas Temple and the people who have sacrificed everything for his devotion as part of the Jod Mela. His mind is very happy to have come here. These moments of struggle should be recorded in history so that the coming generations can know about it.

People present at the Jod Mela of Santoshgarh.

Said that Guru Ravidas has blessed us all. who did not belong to any particular community. It would be foolish to believe so. The teachings of Guru Ravidas were for the entire society and the people. Who never followed and practiced discrimination. It is said that those who create differences in the society are traitors. Those who commit sin The Governor emphasized on following the teachings of Guru Ravidas.

Guru Ravidas’s teachings are important to those who create divisions in the society
Said that even today there are some people in our society, who try to create division. For such people, the teachings of Guru Ravidas are important. Said that the teachings of Guru Ravidas inspire everyone to stay together. We can progress only by staying together. Arlekar said that Dr. Ambedkar also worked for the Dalit community. Who was not a Dalit leader. He worked for the nation.

Said that similarly what Guru Ravidas ji did was a life dedicated to the nation and the community. Whom we should bring forward as a nation saint. The Governor said that the people of Sant Samaj are revered and respected. When he is blessed, then we can do something further. Said that when such people get guidance, the society moves forward.

Honored 103 people who were in jail
In the program, Arlekar honored 103 people who were in jail during the temple struggle. After this, singer Harbhajan Shera, Guri Dhaliwal praised the glory of Guru Ravidas in Jod Mela. On this occasion, Jod Mela Committee Chairman Balwant Singh, Coordinator Balveer Bagga, Kunwar Jagveer Singh Sidhu, National Head of All India Adi Dharma Mission Saint Satvinder Hira and many others were present.

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