High Demand, Limited Capacity Create Enrollment Challenges At Telangana School – News18

The school has received five state level awards.

ZP High School has received over 400 applications with only 180 available seats in the sixth class, underscoring the substantial demand.

Every year, the Indira Nagar ZPHS Government School, Siddipet in Telangana witnesses a daily influx of hopeful parents lining up to secure limited spots for their children. Over the past eight years, the student population has steadily increased, and in the current academic year, the school has reached its maximum capacity with 1195 students. To accommodate the high demand, classes are divided into multiple sections, yet the school remains fully enrolled across all grades. The rush for admissions is particularly evident in the sixth class, where the school has received over 400 applications for just 180 available seats. While admissions for higher classes have already been filled, the influx of applications for the sixth class continues.

In recognition of the importance of language skills, the school has partnered with EFLU (English and Foreign Languages University) and Osmania University to provide English and Foreign Language instruction, prioritizing the development of students’ communication abilities. As part of their commitment to social responsibility, EFLU has adopted Indira Nagar Public School, offering English, French, and Spanish language training to high school students. The training program consists of two online classes and one offline class per week.

English communication skills are being taught to 30 students in three batches, resulting in 90 trained individuals within three months and 270 individuals within a year. 90 students from grades 9 and 10 are selected annually for Spanish and French language learning. In a recent development, EFLU’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor E. Suresh Kumar, signed an MoU with the teachers of Indira Nagar School, expanding online classes to benefit 150 students.

The remarkable achievements of Indira Nagar ZP Government School are evident in the academic success of its students. 32 students secured admission to Basara IIIT after rigorous preparation, while 13 students were awarded the ANMAS scholarship, receiving Rs 12,000 annually for four years, totaling Rs 48,000 throughout their 9th, 10th, and intermediate education. Six students from the school achieved a perfect 10/10 GPA in the tenth grade.

The school now features a digital lab, computer lab, science lab, Atal tinkering lab building, Google Future Class facility, solar power unit, model kitchen, and water plant. All classrooms are equipped with CCTV cameras, and records are stored online. The school has also received invitations to participate in national-level seminars organized by the YETA National Council of Education Research Training.

The efforts of former HM Ramaswamy and current Principal Satyanarayana Reddy have been recognized through their active participation in national-level seminars, where they discuss school development, innovation, leadership, and more. Indira Nagar School has received five state-level awards and numerous district-level honors. Its impressive infrastructure, comparable to that of a corporate school, has made it highly coveted, with recommendations from officials and ministers.

Despite the challenges posed by the admissions rush and limited capacity, the Indira Nagar ZPHS Government School remains a shining example of academic excellence and infrastructure development, fostering a conducive learning environment for students in Siddipet.