Hero Surge S32 Convertible Electric Rickshaw Unveiled, Doubles Up As Scooter: Watch Here

Hero-owned startup Surge has taken the electric vehicle (EV) game to a new level with the introduction of the S32. This cutting-edge EV seamlessly transforms from a three-wheeled rickshaw to a sleek e-scooter, drawing inspiration from the iconic ‘Batmobile’ featured in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy’. Let’s take a look at what this electric vehicle has to offer.

S32 Electric Vehicle

The S32 is designed to cater to both commercial and personal needs, offering a swift transition between a rickshaw and a high-performance scooter. Owners can effortlessly convert the vehicle in just three minutes with the press of a button. During this transformation, the front windshield lifts vertically, revealing the scooter within, while a spring-loaded double-swing mechanism orchestrates the cabin’s quick change.


S32 Inside Cabin Features

Inside the EV’s cabin, Hero Motocorp has spared no expense in providing a futuristic and functional experience. Boasting a windscreen, optional weather-protective soft doors, LED headlights, indicators, speedometer, switchgear, and digital instrumentation, the cabin ensures a comfortable and advanced driving environment.

The S32’s Engine is equally impressive. The three-wheeler component delivers a robust 13.4 bhp power output, catering to commercial demands. On the other hand, the two-wheeler part stands at 4 bhp, designed for nimble city commuting. The respective battery capacities are 11 kWh and 3.5 kWh, with top speeds reaching 50 kmph and 60 kmph, providing versatility for various urban scenarios.

With a maximum load-carrying capacity of 500 kg, the rickshaw configuration of the S32 proves ideal for diverse commercial operations.