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Benefits of Kissing: Today is ‘International Kissing Day’. This day is celebrated every year on this day i.e. 6th July. This day is not limited to showing the mutual love between lovers, lovers, but this special day is celebrated to show the mutual love, bonding between every relationship. There are many ways to kiss like a mother kisses her child on his forehead with love, then a brother-sister or a friend hugs his other partner and kisses his cheek with love.

importance of kissing

Kissing not only makes the relationship sweet and strong, but it also has many health benefits. When a mother kisses her child’s forehead, she forgets all her pain. When we express our love feelings towards brother-sister, friend, father-son or any close one, we express it by kissing. This is a very common and good way to show love towards the person in front. With this, the depths of relationships towards loved ones can be expressed. In such a situation, it is not appropriate to limit Kissing Day only to lovers or couples. This day also shows mutual bonding, unbreakable love in relationships. There are also some health benefits of kissing, which are important to know.

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Kissing has many health benefits

healthline According to a news published in, when you kiss someone, it prompts your brain to release some chemicals. Due to this, the pleasure-feeling centers of the brain become active and make you feel good. When you kiss someone with love, then you feel happy. Kissing releases feel-good hormones.

Chemicals released in the brain include Oxytocin, Dopamine, Serotonin etc. All these attachments are enough to promote bonding in the relationship. In addition, they reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol. So whenever someone of yours is under stress for some reason, hug him and kiss him on a forehead or cheek.

Oxytocin is a type of chemical, which is related to pair bonding. When you kiss, the release of oxytocin causes feelings of affection and attachment. When you kiss someone with love, there is a feeling of satisfaction in the relationship. It helps in maintaining long-term relationship.

-Nowadays everyone is living in stress, anxiety. In such a situation, if a person is under stress, kissing manages the stress to a great extent. If any member of your family or your friend is under stress for some reason, hug him with love and try kissing him on his forehead. He will feel lighter. He will forget his sorrows. Oxytocin reduces anxiety and makes you feel relaxed.

There are no benefits of kissing only to humans. When you lovingly kiss, play with, hug your pet, all these things can keep you overall healthy. It makes you feel good, helps in reducing weight, keeps blood pressure normal, less chance of getting sick, relieves stress, anxiety.