Haryana’s wrestlers clash in WFI president dispute: Vinesh Bolin- Yogeshwar in the lap of the Federation; Dutt said – everyone knows who is in whose lap

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Wrestlers of Haryana have also clashed with each other in the dispute over Wrestling Federation (WFI) President MP Brij Bhushan Singh. Railsar Vinesh Phogat sitting on Delhi strike leveled allegations against another wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt. Vinesh Phogat said that Yogeshwar Dutt has sat on the lap of the Federation. In response to this, wrestler-turned-BJP leader Yogeshwar Dutt said that anyone can say anything. He never went to the federation after the Olympics.

Wrestlers are on strike at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar. During this, she cried while telling fellow wrestlers about the sexual abuse. Along with Vinesh Phogat, other wrestlers including Bajrang Punia and Sakshi Malik are present in the dharna.

Vinesh Phogat said – we have proof
Wrestler Vinesh Phogat sitting on dharna in Delhi said – Yogeshwar Dutt ji himself is sitting in the lap of Wrestling Federation. You see, all the players.. had brought 2 medals in Tokyo Olympics, where are they sitting.. had come to Rio, where are they sitting today…. There is only Yogeshwar Dutt ji, who is a big player, the rest are kept by his henchmen, they will definitely come in front. He has deleted what he had posted. Otherwise, we have evidence against them too, will bring them to the fore when the time comes.

Yogeshwar Dutt Answers – Went to Federation only once
Wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt said on this statement of Vinesh Phogat – Look, I tell you, anyone can say anything. I left wrestling in 2017. After that till date I have gone to the Federation only once in 2022. That too must have been some work. I have met Brij Bhushan ji once or twice. It is sure that if wrong has happened to any sister, then action should be taken. Everyone knows who sits on the lap and who doesn’t. He has always stood by the players. Have also talked to the Sports Minister.

Olympic Association meeting also canceled for players
Yogeshwar Dutt said that the allegations leveled against the Federation and its President are serious. They should be investigated. He said that he is with the players, so he also canceled the Olympic Association meeting. So that if needed, he can go on strike with the players. However, he has not received any phone call yet.

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