Haryana’s PubG player’s ‘dirty game’: private photo-video invited after friendship with minor girl; If the conversation was stopped then it went viral on social media.

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Under the guise of a PUBG game in Karnal, Haryana, the miscreant befriended a minor. Then took his private photos and videos in confidence. When the family members came to know, they refused to talk to the minor.

The furious crook prepared the story of private photos and videos and uploaded it on Instagram. On knowing this, the family reached the police. Police registered a case against the miscreant and caught him. Who has now been sent to jail.

During the police interrogation, the crook spilled the secret
During police interrogation, it was found that the miscreant used to play pubg game. During this, he became friends with a minor girl living in Karnal. While playing the game, they started talking to each other. The miscreant made a deep friendship and took the minor into confidence. After this, after luring him, he asked for his private photo and video. Which he saved in his mobile. After that the conversation between the two continued.

The family got to know
The minor daughter has a friendship with a boy, the family came to know about it. When he asked sternly, the minor girl spilled all the secrets about how she became friends with the crook. Knowing this, the family members forbade the girl to talk to the boy. He stopped responding to the boy’s messages.

Angry crook put video on Instagram
When the girl did not talk, the miscreant got angry. He decided to defame the minor girl. He made a story of all the private videos and photos of the girl and uploaded it on Instagram. This matter reached the family. After which he immediately complained to the police.

The crook of the village of Sirsa
On October 10, the family approached the Karnal police with a complaint. The police immediately registered a case on the complaint of the mother. After this, the search for the accused started in a hi-tech manner. His identity was arrested by Bajjinder Singh, a resident of Talwara Khurd village of Sirsa.

Mobile recovered, accused sent to jail
As soon as the police raided, the mobile of the accused was also recovered. He used to talk to the girl on this mobile. Police is getting the investigation done along with recovering video-photos from it. The police also suspect that he did not send the video to anyone or uploaded it on any other social media. The accused has been produced in the court and sent to jail.

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