Happy New Year 2022: Menswear Styling to Get Bolder and Brighter in 2022, Says Celebrity Stylist Isha Bhansali

Celebrity stylist Isha Bhansali has worked wonders on actors such as Ayushmann Khurrana, Scam 1992 fame actor Pratik Gandhi and renowned singer Guru Randhawa among others. After a successful year of styling men in 2021, Isha has the perfect mood board for men and how they can up their style game in 2022. Here’s what she has to say:

Isha says, “The biggest tip I can give for 2022 is that we need to note that going bold doesn’t always mean going all out. Xmas is not perennial, so you don’t need to look like a Xmas tree if colour and shine hit the rack. Make it minimal. Always start with choosing one bold element in the look and team it up with neutral accompaniments. Get the right balance to make your statement.”

So, how should guys up their style game? Isha believes that since the last two years have always been about pjs and relaxed clothes thanks to the pandemic, one can up the game with more tailored pieces paired with relaxed ones. Case in point – try a blazer with sharp shoulders with joggers and sneakers. Put on some accessories too. Not too many accessories to look like a rapper but just a hint to ace the Streetwear game.

Colours of 2022

Styling in 2022 is all set to get bolder and brighter. Acid and pop colours are popping. Even pastels go the candy way instead of the subtler powdery shades. After ages there’s predominantly a colourful rack for menswear.

Myths about styling that need to go away in 2022

There’s no rule that you can’t club brown with black. In fact, make an entire look with just these two colours. Choose black bottoms if you want to play it safe. This is an understated, effortless yet chic combo that can make you look like a style king.

The Age of Digital Styling

Now that we are dominated by the digital space one must note that things move pretty fast. People get bored pretty fast which is why there are more fads than trends. Things get overdone pretty fast. The best thing to do is to not overdo anything. Get and enjoy a little of everything. And be prepared to change and instantly keep up with the programme.

Stylish Comebacks in 2022

Retro trends are making a comeback in 2022. Also, Y2K is coming in deeper into our racks. All with a modern Streetwear twist. Look at the past instead of living in it. Take inspiration and make your own versions of it. Varsity trends will be predominant in 2022. Ivy League inspired tees and jackets. 80s colour-block sneakers. And dad jeans. Look at Will Smith from Prince of Bel Air for inspiration.

Celebrity Styling

The film industry in India has taken fashion seriously. There is finally a recognition of style being different from costume. Considering marketing strategies of films, actors have more public engagements. So personal style has become of utmost importance for Bollywood. Which is great as they are trend setters and influential leaders. A word of advice, promote good fashion on the whole. Don’t be stuck on luxury names only for its name. Be open to all makers of good fashion that suit you the best. Being inclusive is the motto.

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