Happy Children’s Day 2022: Here’s How You Can Make Your Kid’s Day Extra Special!

CHILDREN’S DAY 2022: Every year, on November 14, Children’s Day, also known as Bal Diwas, is celebrated in India to honour our first Prime Minister, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. From homes to schools, everyone gathers together to celebrate kids and their unbridled innocence on this day. It is one of the best occasions to make your child feel special. While special events and activities are arranged for kids on this special day, especially in schools, here’s how you can make it equally special at home. Read on to know a few ways in which you can make your child’s day special this year.

Plan a theme-based treasure hunt

Armed with just regular stationery supplies, you’ll be able to design a special theme-based treasure hunt for your kids and their friends. Not only will it keep them occupied for hours, but they will remember this fun activity for being thoughtful and kind. Whether your kid is interested in the wild outdoors or loves the Disney channel, there’s a treasure hunt that can be designed around every theme. For the final prize, make sure there’s something for everyone.

Plant a few trees

While it’s important to have fun on Children’s day, you could also use this special day to teach your child about the importance of conservation. It could be a wholesome way to introduce local and regionally specific plants to them, and also enjoy planting a sapling .

Arrange a barbeque or sleep-over

With winter knocking on our doors, now is the perfect time to arrange a barbeque outdoors with your kids or to arrange a cosy sleepover with your kids and their best friends. Set them up with copies of their favourite movies and arrange for all of their favourite snacks. Ensure there’s a round of hot cocoa to go around and you’ll be declared the best children’s day host in no time.

Plan an amusement park visit

While museum visits can put a kid to snooze, an amusement park visit is sure to lift their spirits, especially on Children’s day. Filled with fun rides and even more delicious snacks, a day spent outdoors with their friends is something they will never forget.

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