Hailey Bieber Skincare: From Glazed Donut Look to Double Cleansing, Her Beauty Tips

American model and entrepreneur Hailey Bieber is a skin care aficionado, as her recent YouTube videos and Instagram posts suggest. The 25-year-old model shared her 10 commandments of beauty in a recent interview with Allure. And we have gathered that Hailey just likes to keep it simple when it comes to skincare which she considers a part of self care at large.

The first beauty tip by Hailey shared with the viewers was that on days when she does not wear any make-up, she just likes to brush up her brows and head out. The next beauty tip by Hailey was more of a life advice that she shared. “Always take your skincare routine seriously, but never yourself,” she said.

Shattering the belief that skincare is just for the face, Hailey suggested that one should always have body lotion on hand, for we need to take care of our most essential parts of the body. The model’s next piece of advice was to always keep your lips hydrated.

Hailey also advised that one should hit the sack at night only after a glazed donut look. The model had shared her glazed donut look on Instagram earlier in January.

To achieve this look, Hailey had guided her followers on YouTube in a video shared last year. The model swears by the double cleansing method, something which she also mentioned in her latest Allure video. In her video from last year, Hailey used a cleansing oil to remove all the make-up and grime that might have settled on her face. She also specifically mentioned how she stays away from make-up wipes, since they can be irritating and drying.

“I started oil cleansing during quarantine, and it has honestly made the biggest difference in my skin.So that’s how I take my makeup off now. I don’t do it any other way,” said Hailey.

Hailey follows her oil cleanser with a second gentle hydrating cleanser. “I like cleansers that don’t get super super foamy,” she said. “I prefer something that’s like a milkier, hydrating, nourishing wash. I never like for my skin to feel dry and stripped and tight after I wash it.”

Besides double cleansing, Hailey told Allure that she always applies SPF, and uses face tools for a spa-like experience at home. “Don’t forget your nails when taking care of your skin,” reminded Hailey. Finishing off her 10 beauty tips, Hailey shared that she always makes time for a relaxing bath.

Are you looking forward to including these steps in your skincare routine?

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