Greater Noida Authority warns apartment owners against harassment of dog parents

New Delhi: The Greater Noida Authority has issued a notice to the apartment owners’ body of ATS Paradiso over harassment of dog owners and illegal fines. The development comes after many Apartment Owners’ Associations (AOAs) and Residents’ Welfare Associations (RWAs) across the national capital region (NCR) have taken the matter into their own hands and started imposing their own rules and fines on dog owners, following several incidents of dog bites. 

Several apartment owners forbid pet owners from bringing their dogs into the elevators. The ATS Paradiso AoA had slapped fines on two dog parents, one for letting a dog pee in the housing complex, and another for taking their dog in the elevator.

The Greater Noida Authority sent the AoA a notice after the media reported such events. The authority took the matter seriously and listened to everyone, not just one set of people. 

The authorities, along with municipality, police, and administration, have to come forward for the issue of harassment of dog owners, or else the state of chaos will continue. 

The warning issued by the authority ordered the AoA not to bother dog owners. It further said that they should, in any case, call the animal care centres, whose numbers have been listed in the notice. 

“This is to inform you that we have received a complaint of your AoA imposing illegal fines and arbitrary notices to pet parents. Through this notice, we want you to ensure that all rules of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) shall be followed,” read the notice from Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority health officer Dr Prem Chandra.