Government approves IndiaAI Mission with outlay of Rs 10,372 crore: Here’s everything you need to know

Image Source : FREE PIK IndiaAI Mission

In order to encourage the development of artificial intelligence (AI) in India, the Union Cabinet on Thursday approved a national-level IndiaAI mission with a budget outlay of Rs 10,371.92 crore. The mission aims to drive innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.

As per the cabinet press note, “The IndiaAI mission will establish a comprehensive ecosystem catalysing AI innovation through strategic programs and partnerships across the public and private sectors”. 

The press note further said that the mission will drive responsible, inclusive growth of India’s AI ecosystem by “ democratising computing access, improving data quality, developing indigenous AI capabilities, attracting top AI talent, enabling industry collaboration, providing startup risk capital, ensuring socially impactful AI projects and bolstering ethical AI”.

IndiaAI mission will be implemented by ‘IndiaAI’ Independent Business Division (IBD) under Digital India Corporation (DIC) and will have the following seven components:

  1. IndiaAI Compute Capacity: It is aimed at building a scalable AI computing ecosystem in India, which includes an AI infrastructure of 10,000+ GPUs built through public-private partnerships. In addition to this, it will also design an AI marketplace that will offer AI as a service and pre-trained models to innovators as a one-stop solution for AI innovation resources.
  2. IndiaAI Innovation Centre: Develops and deploys LMMs and domain-specific models in critical sectors.
  3. IndiaAI Datasets Platform: To provide a one-stop solution for Indian startups and researchers to access high-quality non-personal datasets for AI innovation.
  4. IndiaAI Application Development Initiative: To promote AI applications in critical sectors using problem statements from various institutions. The initiative aims to develop and promote impactful AI solutions to catalyze large-scale socio-economic transformation.
  5. IndiaAI FutureSkills: Aim to increase access to AI courses at the undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. levels and establish Data and AI Labs in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across India for foundational level courses.
  6. IndiaAI Startup Financing: To support deep-tech AI startups by providing streamlined funding for futuristic AI projects.
  7. Safe & Trusted AI: To promote responsible development, deployment, and adoption of AI. It provides guardrails such as indigenous tools and frameworks, self-assessment checklists, and guidelines and governance frameworks for implementing Responsible AI projects.

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