Get Motivated to Workout With These Incredible Celebrity Weight Loss Journeys

Even celebs struggle with motivation to reduce weight. Many celebrities have undergone makeovers (both large and minor) throughout the years for a variety of reasons, ranging from treating chronic ailments to feeling better emotionally to just being in the public glare all the time. So today, we have compiled a list of such celebrities and their weight loss journey to inspire you to hit the gym.

Fardeen Khan

" class="story_para_1">Fardeen Khan was mocked on social media in 2016 after gaining a lot of weight and was fat-shamed for it. Now that the actor is looking exceedingly spiffy, the buzz has returned. According to Fardeen, it is because of his children’s encouragement that his jaw-dropping turnaround has been the talk of the town.

Ganesh Acharya

Ganesh Acharya, a choreographer and dancer, formerly weighed 200 kg and has had a miraculous weight loss makeover. During an interview on Kapil Sharma show, the ace choreographer discussed his transformation, revealing that he had lost a remarkable 98 kg. His improvement is astounding, based on photographs that have emerged on the internet.


Now, a fitness junkie. Adele shared her fitness experiences on social media, and fans are adoring her improvements. In May 2020, the ‘Hello’ singer surprised Instagram followers with a new snapshot in which she celebrated her 32nd birthday in a tiny black dress. The Grammy winner looked to have shed “about 150 pounds.”

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson, the ‘Pitch Perfect’ actress, dropped 60 pounds by embracing a new diet and training programme after proclaiming 2020 her “year of health.” Wilson has discussed her battle with emotional eating. Now that she’s accomplished her aim, she believes that “nothing is forbidden” when it comes to eating. “I’m simply trying to go for overall balance,” she explained to People.

Bharti Singh

Bharti Singh, the renowned comedian who has made many people laugh with her quips, is now turning heads with her dramatic and remarkable weight loss journey. Bharti, who used to weigh 96 kg, looks incredible and fitter than before. She is claimed to have shed roughly 15 kilograms. According to the comedian, she was able to do it only by adjusting her eating habits and intermittent fasting.

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