From Gender Neutral Uniforms in Schools to No Backpack Days, Top 5 Positive News This Year

List of positive news across schools in India this year (Representative image)

Year-ender 2022: From new curriculum frameworks to no-bag days, here is a list of positive developments in schools during the this year

After a nearly two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 marked the return of schools and educational institutions to full capacity and splendour. In India, school systems saw a significant shift in not only students’ attitudes, but also in their ability to adapt to continuing developments.

From new curriculum frameworks to no-bag days, here is a list of positive developments in schools during the this year:

LGBTQIA+ Friendly Curricula

The Tamil Nadu government has committed to implementing rules to protect the rights of members of the LGBTQIA+ community in educational institutions. These guidelines are slated to be announced and implemented by the end of December 2022. The state has also stated that subjects such as gender identity, gender expression, vulnerability, and health issues, among others, will be introduced to the Teacher Training content and curriculum to increase student awareness.

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Bihar government’s weekly ‘no-bag day’

To alleviate the pressure on students, the Bihar government plans to implement a “no-bag day” regulation in schools as well as a mandated games period at least once a week. Following the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, this day will be dedicated to practical and experiential learning. The state aims for athletics to be incorporated into the educational curriculum.

Mumbai school embraces gender inclusivity

Celebrating pride month in June 2022, the Aditya Birla World Academy (ABWA) Mumbai introduced gender-neutral uniforms where students regardless of their birth gender can choose between trousers or ‘skorts’ (a hybrid of a skirt and shorts) as their uniform if they so desire. The Rainbow club, an LGBTQIA+ support group by the student body and guided by professors, spearheaded the notion of a gender-neutral uniform. Not just in uniform, gender inclusivity was taken care of in the tiniest way by even letting go of the traditional greeting that acknowledges ladies and gentlemen and instead using a more neutral “hello everyone.”

Transformed National Curriculum Framework to be Implemented in schools

With the announcement of the new education policy of 2020 came the redesigning of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), a document referred to while designing Indian school textbooks. The revised Indian NCF, which will emphasise the country’s roots and foster pride among students, was formulated in 2022. The revamped NCF would be brought into effect from the academic year 2023- 2024.

TN to set up High-tech Labs in Classes 6 to 8

The Tamil Nadu school education department will hire IT companies to set up high-tech labs in Classes 6 to 8. Presently the high-tech labs are set up in the government high schools and higher secondary schools. The state school education department will direct the IT companies to procure computer systems for the projects. Sources in the state school education department told IANS that each high-tech lab would be provided with 10 computer systems, a projector with a mounting kit, web cameras, LAN connectivities with a hard disk capacity of 1 TB annually. High-tech printers, headphones, and CCTV cameras will also be installed.

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