Father and brother used to rape, mother would have silenced by feeding bullets: Rape happened for 7 years, got pregnant 7 times; When I raised my voice, I was thrown out of the house.

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A minor girl, who was repeatedly raped by her father and brother for 7 years. She got pregnant 7 times. When she had stomachache, her mother sometimes gave her medicine and sometimes got her aborted. The girl ran away from her house and reached straight to the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister ordered that the accused be put in jail immediately.

This is not a script of a movie, but a real life story. That girl has given birth to a child 12 days back. How did all this happen? Who became the support of that girl? To know all this, Dainik Bhaskar reached the institute in Lucknow, where more than 50 such girls are still present.

  • Let’s know the page by page of this rape victim and the whole story of the institution…

This is the institution in Lucknow where those rape victims live till the age of 18, whom their families refuse to adopt.

She was only 14 years old when her father raped her (as told by the victim)
Year 2004. month of May. Till now the girl used to study at her grandmother’s house. But this year she returned to her home after giving the 10th examination. His parents had taken a new house. Home entered. The family consisted of the girl’s parents and two brothers. Everything went well for a few days. The girl was very happy to come home after so many years.

One day the father said to the daughter, “You have an evil shadow on you, which bothers me. He says I will make contact with you, only then will he leave you.” When the girl did not listen, the father beat her with shoes and slippers and a wooden stick. He banged his head against the wall. Dragged him into a room. For some time she was lying quietly in a corner. Father came and tore all his clothes. Then he did the wrong thing to her.

Mother said – your father has done it, mistake Go
The girl kept crying for 1 hour lying in the same room. He gathered courage and decided to tell the whole thing to his mother. She came out and cried to her mother and told her the whole thing. To which the mother’s answer was that no problem, your father has done it. you forget it Domestic matters should remain at home only.

Told brother, he also did wrong

After all this, the mother herself started sending him to the father. Now everyday the father would do wrong things to him. She endured all this for a few days. If she used to scream when she used to have pain in her stomach, the mother would make her silent by giving a bullet. When he could not tolerate it, he told the whole thing to his elder brother.

He hoped that only his elder brother could help him survive all this. But it didn’t happen. Instead of helping her, the elder brother raped her himself.

Father threatens to kill girl’s younger brother
Now he was not able to understand anything, from whom should he take help? Father, mother, elder brother were all involved in this. His younger brother was too young to understand all these things. When he thought of telling the whole thing to his maternal grandmother and maternal uncle, the parents threatened to kill his younger brother.

She was terrified of the threat. To save the life of the younger brother, he did not tell this to anyone and then this cycle started happening from here every day.

Gave medicine 7 times, got abortion done 2 times
Year 2009. One day the victim was having severe stomach pain. Had fever too. The family members gave medicine for fever, but it did not have any effect. His pain started increasing. Vomiting started.

On investigation, it was found that she is pregnant. When her father came to know about this, he fed medicine to the victim, due to which her pregnancy ended.

But the father did not stop raping her. After this, between 2009 and 2011, the victim became pregnant 6 more times. Four times, her pregnancy was terminated by feeding her medicine. But two times when the medicine did not work, her father forcefully took her to the doctor and got her an abortion.

After the abortion, now the victim’s health started deteriorating
Year 2012. After so many abortions, now the victim’s health started deteriorating. His stomach was swollen. She would just moan in pain and cry all day long.

One day his mother secretly took him to the doctor. Got him examined. It was found that his kidney and liver had been infected after consuming hot medicine. If treatment is not received at the right time, then his life can be in danger.

When her mother told this to her father, he said that if she dies, let her die. Will bury it here in the courtyard of the house, no one will know what happened?

When the victim reached the Chief Minister
The victim had realized that the family members would not get her treated. Day by day his pain was increasing. At the same time, he could not tolerate the wrong things that happened every day. When she refused, the father used to beat her.

His own house had now become such a hell for him, where it was difficult to breathe even for a minute. Distressed, the victim ran away from the house and went straight to the then CM. Told them the whole thing. The CM immediately ordered all the officials to arrest his family members. The police arrested the victim’s father, brother and mother on the same day. The statement of the victim was recorded. Now all three of them are in jail.

Justice got or not
The family members of the victim had got punishment, but now they had no recourse. There was a younger brother whom the relatives took with them. But no one was ready to take the victim. When he raised his voice against the wrong, the relatives said that you got our noses cut off. Here in the story came an institute in Lucknow which provides support to rape victims.

  • Now let’s take a break from the story of the victim and talk about this institution…

If parents do not adopt, then rape comes here victim
Dainik Bhaskar’s team reached that institute. This institute is run by two people Vinita and Ashish Srivastava together for 13 years. When we reached here, we were met by Vineeta. They told us that there are many such girls around us, with whom incidents like rape happen.

There is no crime in this, yet the parents refuse to adopt them. We keep such girls in our institution with us till the age of 18 years. After the age of 18, by law, we have to hand them over to another institution.

As long as these girls are with us, we teach them, teach them computer skills, as well as vocational things like needlework, artistic work and beauty courses. This is because when these girls go out from here, they can stand on their own feet. After leaving here, his parents or anyone else could not disturb him.

Vinita got inspiration from the loneliness of her life
Vinita says, “My mother died when I was young. My father remarried. My step mother sidelined me since childhood. Neither did I get the love of the family nor the affinity. I just used to lie in one corner of the house.

“I did not give up and today I am standing on my feet. I am living a good life But there are many girls like me who are not adopted by their parents, either they commit suicide or they start doing wrong things. That’s why I will not let those girls to bear what I have suffered. That’s when this safe home started.”

  • Now back to the victim’s story. Let’s talk about the time when the victim came to this institution.

We cannot give the support family can give.
Vineeta says that when the victim came here, she was crying a lot. The victim hugged me and said, “Didi, I do not understand whether I am happy or sad. On the one hand, those who did wrong with me are in jail. On the other hand my family got away from me. I will never be able to be with them anymore.”

“I hugged the victim tightly. She cried for hours. We used to teach him everyday. Helping me forget these bitter memories. But how can we give the support that the family can give. It took time but the victim got accustomed to the environment here. We got her married. The boy who got married knows everything about the victim.”

The institute has 6 rooms and 2 halls to accommodate such victims.  When we reached here, more than 50 victims were present here.

The institute has 6 rooms and 2 halls for such victims to stay. When we reached here, more than 50 victims were present here.

Brother comes to visit, but does not allow to come home
Vinita says, “It has been almost 7 years since the marriage of the victim. She comes to my house on holidays, Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj. His younger brother also comes here. Sometimes he also goes to meet the victim at her in-laws house. But does not allow him to come to his house. When the victim comes to my house several times, she asks her brother to accompany her home. Once he asked to walk with a cloth on his face. But the brother refused to take him home. He was more concerned about the society than his sister. He said that what would the people of the neighborhood say if they saw it.

At present…
The victim is married. She has forgotten this accident in the same way as living people forget death. Now she has two children. On October 30, 2022, she gave birth to her second child. She is very happy with her family.

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