Farmers movement will start again?: SKM meeting today; MSP committee, discussion on farmers to return the case; Decision on organizations contesting Punjab elections

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It ended after 378 days on the Delhi border on 9 December.

The meeting of the United Kisan Morcha (SKM), which is leading the successful farmers’ movement in Delhi, is being held today. In this, while ending the movement, there will be a discussion regarding the consent made by the central government on the demands. The biggest demand was to form a committee for legal guarantee on MSP. It is not formed yet. Apart from this, the cases registered at different places including Punjab, Haryana, UP, Chandigarh, Delhi were also not returned. Apart from this, important decisions will be taken regarding 22 farmers’ organizations of Punjab, which have now jumped into the election fray in Punjab.

The movement ended on the consent of these demands

  • SMEs: For legal guarantee, the central government will form a committee, in which representatives of the United Kisan Morcha will be taken. The crops on which MSP is being received at present will continue. The amount of purchase made at MSP will also not be reduced.
  • Case return: Haryana and Uttar Pradesh government will withdraw the case. The cases registered by the Railways along with Delhi and other Union Territories will also be returned.
  • Compensation: Like the Punjab government, a compensation of Rs 5 lakh will be given to the families of farmers of UP and Haryana who died in the agitation. More than 700 farmers died in the peasant movement.
  • electricity bill : The government will not take the electricity amendment bill directly to the Parliament. First, it will be discussed with all the concerned parties apart from the farmers.
  • Pollution Law: Farmers had objections to section 15 regarding the pollution law, in which there is a provision to fine the farmers, not imprison them. It will be removed by the central government.

Consent was made in Firozpur, but PM stalled after security lapse

Union Minister Gajendra Shekhawat had a meeting with farmer leaders before PM Narendra Modi’s rally in Ferozepur on January 5. It was agreed that the MSP committee would be formed by January 15. Cases will be withdrawn by January 30. On March 15, PM Modi will meet farmer leaders at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi. However, due to the farmers blocking the highway, they had to return to Delhi without addressing the PM. After which this agreement also stalled.

Rajewal will be out of the front

Balbir Rajewal, who was a big face of the movement, will be out of SKM. The reason for this is his contesting elections. Rajewal is leading 22 farmers’ organizations contesting elections in Punjab. He is also the CM face of farmers. Rajewal was also included in the name sent to the Center for the MSP committee, but now he will not be kept in it.

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