Faridabad railway station to get a REVAMPED look! Indian Railways shares pics

Indian Railways has been redeveloping railway stations under the Adarsh Scheme to give passengers the most comfortable and convenient travel experience as they head to their destinations. The Railway authorities have revealed the ‘new looks’ of various railway stations which are to be revamped like Ludhiana in Punjab, Somnath in Gujarat, and India’s century-old Delhi Cantonment railway station. However, the Indian Railways revealed the new look of the to-be revamped Faridabad railway station. “Gracious Outlook: A glance at the proposed design of the Faridabad Railway Station, Haryana to be redeveloped into a world-class establishment,” read the tweet. Soon the comments section filled with positive remarks as the Faridabad railway station is a major stoppage for most of the trains travelling to and from Delhi. 

Here’s all you need to know about the to-be redeveloped Faridabad railway station:

1) The Faridabad railway station is said to be redeveloped at a total cost of Rs 282 crore and is believed to be completed within 30 months. 

2) The revamped station will get world-class airport-like facilities which will give rail passengers a comfortable travel experience.

3) The redeveloped Faridabad railway station will be fully air-conditioned and will have lounges, recreation areas, waiting areas, proper seating arrangements, shopping areas, restaurants/cafeterias, tapped potable drinking water points, WiFi, ATMs, medical facilities, and restrooms. 

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4) To end the hassle of parking, the revamped Faridabad railway station will have automatic, multi-level parking which will accommodate over 500 vehicles. For vehicles’ safety, barriers with sensors will be used. 

5) For specially-abled passengers, special arrangements like ramps will be made for their convenience.

6) To avoid chaos, the railway station will have separate entry and exit gates, and on the eastern side of the railway station, an elevated corridor will be made to provide ease in travelling. 

7) Two foot-over bridges will also be constructed inside the station to facilitate easy movement of passengers.