Fake News Expose: Video of bridge breaking in the name of Bundelkhand Expressway went viral; Know the truth of this VIDEO

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  • Video Of Bridge Breaking In The Name Of Bundelkhand Expressway Went Viral; Know The Truth Of This VIDEO

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What is happening Viral: A video in the name of Bundelkhand Expressway is going viral. It can be seen in the video that a major part of the bridge was badly damaged and blown up. It is being claimed that it belongs to Bundelkhand Expressway. It was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi a few days back.

And what is the truth?

  • The claim being made with the viral video is completely false. This video of July 25 is of the bridge of Bhopal-Mandideep Road.
  • In fact, due to heavy rain in Madhya Pradesh on Monday, the soil of the bridge near Samardha on Bhopal-Mandideep road collapsed. During this the bridge was badly damaged.
  • In this case, an engineer who built the bridge was suspended. However, when the bridge collapsed, there was no one on it. The news related to this matter was posted by Bhaskar on his website 3 days ago. publish Had it.
  • During the investigation, we received news of the breakdown of Bundelkhand Expressway, including The Quint. Media Reports found in

  • According to media reports, on July 16, PM Modi had a grand inauguration of Bundelkhand Expressway. After 6 days this expressway broke down.
  • It is clear that the claim being made with the viral video on social media is false. This video is not of Bundelkhand Expressway but of Bhopal-Mandideep bridge.

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