Fake News Expose: People washed away in the floods in the streets of Jaipur? Know the truth of this viral video

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  • People Washed Away In The Floods In The Streets Of Jaipur? Know The Truth Of This Viral Video

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What’s going viral Due to heavy rains in many parts of the country, the situation is worsening due to floods. Meanwhile, a video by the name of Jaipur is going viral. It can be seen in the video that one by one two youths came running in the strong current of water in the street. These two youths were saved by the people standing on the shore.

It is being claimed that this video is from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Where people were seen flowing in the strong current of water.

And what is the truth?

  • To know the truth of the viral video, we did a reverse search of its keyframes on Google. In the search result, we got the news related to it in many media reports.

  • According to media reports, this video of 14 August 2020 is from Jaipur, Rajasthan. When the streets of the city were flooded due to torrential rains. People standing outside their house started swaying in the strong current.
  • This video was uploaded on the YouTube channel of TV9 Bharatvarsh on 14 August 2020.
  • Let us tell you, due to the monsoon that has rained 66% percent more than the normal in Rajasthan, there are flood situations in many districts. Rescue work has been started in the affected area after the rain has slowed down a bit.
  • It is clear that the claim being made with the viral video on social media is false. This video of the floods in Jaipur is not of now but of 2020.

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