Fake News Expose: Government lost Rs 2.8 lakh crore in 5G spectrum auction? Know the truth of this viral photo

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  • Government Lost Rs 2.8 Lakh Crore In 5G Spectrum Auction? Know The Truth Of This Viral Photo

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What’s going viral The first 5G spectrum auction for 5G service in India took place on Monday. Now the photo of the news published in the business page of the Times of India newspaper related to this is going viral. The figure of 28 lakh crores is written in the heading of the news. Next to it is written – Record loss of 2.8 lakh crores in 5G spectrum auction.

This photo has been shared with many social media accounts of Congress. Congress Uttar Pradesh account shared the photo and wrote – Just count zero and guess the loss to the country’s treasury. Why are those giving fictitious data during 2G silent on the actual scam in the allocation of 5G?

Madhya Pradesh Congress Seva Dal wrote – Two lakh eighty thousand crore scam has been caught, brother, there will be pain from Gandhi.

Bihar Youth Congress wrote – The government had kept the base price of 5G spectrum at 4.3 lakh crores, but the government got only 1.5 lakh crores from the auction. Narendra Modi government has done a scam of 2.8 lakh crores.

And what is the truth?

  • In the beginning of the investigation, we checked the newspapers of Times of India published on Monday and Tuesday. Where the news related to 5G spectrum was found on the business page of the Times of India newspaper published on 2 August.
  • On August 2, the headline of the news published on the business page reads – Center’s record earning of 1.5 lakh crores from the auction of 5G spectrum.
  • During the investigation, we also found the original picture of this news in a post by Pankaj Doval, National Editor of Times of India.

  • On August 2, Pankaj shared a photo of the Times business page and wrote – When you start the day with a record spectrum auction and end the day with a record auto sale, what does the business page look like.
  • A look at the business page of the Times of India, published on August 2, reveals that the headline of the news in the viral photo has been edited.​
  • It is clear that the photo going viral on social media is edited i.e. fake. In the auction of 5G spectrum, the central government has not lost 2.8 lakh crores but earned 1.5 lakh crores.

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