Fake News Expose: Due to Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat, the translator ran away from the stage during the speech? Know the truth of this viral video

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  • Due To Rahul Gandhi In Gujarat, The Translator Ran Away From The Stage During The Speech? Know The Truth Of This Viral Video

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What is going viral: On Monday, Rahul Gandhi held an election rally in Mahuva, Gujarat. A video clip of this rally is going viral on social media. It can be seen that Rahul Gandhi is giving speech in Hindi. A translator is standing with him, who is translating his speech into Gujarati.
During this, the translator said to Rahul – You speak in Hindi, it will be fine, he understands your Hindi. After this the translator leaves the stage. Making fun of Rahul Gandhi, a video is being shared claiming that even Rahul Gandhi’s translator ran away from the stage during his speech.

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And what is the truth?

  • On Monday, Rahul Gandhi held an election rally in Mahuva, Gujarat. During this an interesting incident came to the fore. Congress leader Bharat Singh Solanki was translating Rahul’s speech, when a voice came that let him speak Hindi.
  • Rahul started his first election rally in Gujarat from Mahua in Surat. Here in Kakda village he was speaking among the tribals. First Rahul would speak and then Bharat Singh Solanki would repeat it in Gujarati. Because of this, Rahul Gandhi had to stop again and again. This series went on for 12-13 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, a person from the public meeting came in front of the stage and asked Bharat Singh Solanki not to repeat Rahul’s words in Gujarati. Let Rahul speak in Hindi only. Then Bharat Singh said to Rahul – You speak in Hindi, it will be fine, I understand your Hindi.
  • Bhaskar posted the complete news related to this rally of Rahul Gandhi on his website 2 days back. publish It was
  • During investigation, we also found a post related to the viral video on the social media account of Congress leader Bharat Singh Solanki.

  • Bharat Solanki has denied the claim being made with the viral video. He shared a video of himself and told that when he was translating Rahul ji’s speech at the Surat rally, the people present there told me that we have to listen to his speech in Hindi only.
  • After this I left the mike and sat back in my place. BJP is showing this incident in reverse.
  • It is clear that the claim being made on social media with the viral video is false. During Rahul Gandhi’s speech, Bharat Solanki stopped the Gujarati translation at the behest of the people.

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