Fact-Check: Old Time-Lapse of a Blizzard in the US Viral as Recent

How did we know?: A keyword search led us to the same video uploaded on an unverified YouTube channel called ̵6;Worse Than Chiggers.’

  • It was uploaded on 25 January 2016 and was titled, “Beautiful 48 hour Time-Lapse of Blizzard.”

  • The description of the video mentioned that the visuals are from northern Virginia in the US and were recorded when the Winter Storm Jonas hit the area between 22 and 24 January 2016.

What is the Winter Storm Jonas?: Also known as Snowzilla, the storm had blanketed the eastern coast in the US. According to reportsit affected more than 85 million people and led to travel bans in parts of the country.

Why is the claim misleading?: Considering the reports of a recent blizzard affecting areas in US, this video is being shared with a caption that said “48 hour time-lapse of Blizzard in 60 seconds”, which may mislead the people.

Conclusion: While we could not independently verify the location of the video, it is clear that the clip is old and unrelated to the recent blizzard in the United States.