Explained: Why Twitter new ‘Edit Option’ feature isn’t available for Indian users?

New Delhi: Microblogging site Twitter has announced to roll out ‘Edit button’ for Twitter Blue Subscribers. The feature isn’t accessible to Indian users because Twitter Blue susbscription isn’t available in India. Twitter posted a tweet on October 3 informing users that it was now rolling out edit button to Twitter Blue members in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It added that the test regarding edit button went well which was carried out from September 30 to October 2. Moreover, the edit option will soon roll out in United States as well, however, no specific time period has been given.

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Indian Twitter users have to wait longer to get the feature. Twitter Blue subscription isn’t available in India as of now.

What is Twitter Edit Option?

Twitter now alllows users to edit their tweets, which was impossible before. However, the tweet will mention the time at the bottom when the last edit happens. Moreover, users can see the entire history of the edit to check what’s written previously in the tweet.

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What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue is the monthly-subscription based membership programmes of the platform in selected countries like Canada, United States, New Zealand, and Australia. Blue members have some added benefits including premium features like Tweet edit option.

Twitter is testing ‘Status’ Indicators

Twitterati have felt difficulty sharing their emotions in 240 characters limit. To provide some relief, Twitter is working on its new ‘Status’ indicators. They will be a mix of trending sayings and popular activities. Users can use them to highlight or display context of their messageas they will be appeared above the messages However, users won’t able to create their own status. They have to choose in the list.

Status indicators would also be searchable, with users able to tap on a status indicator, which will take you through to a listing of all the tweets that have applied the same activity.