Everyone will now get 100 units of free electricity in Rajasthan: Surcharge-fees up to 200 units have also been waived; Consumers of every category will get benefit

Jaipur29 minutes ago

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In Rajasthan, consumers of all categories will now get free electricity up to 100 units. No consumer will get any bill for the first 100 units of electricity consumed. Apart from this, no surcharge, permanent charge, electricity fee will have to be paid on electricity up to 200 units. CM Ashok Gehlot has announced this late on Wednesday night.

Free electricity to those with commercial connections

Till now only domestic consumers used to get 100 units of free electricity. Now consumers of every category will get its benefit. Even if you have a commercial connection, you will get 100 units of electricity free of cost. The first 100 units of electricity will be given free of cost to the families who consume more than 100 units per month, that is, no electricity charges will have to be paid for the first 100 units, no matter how much the bill comes. Consumers consuming electricity up to 200 units per month will get the first 100 units free, along with fixed charges, fuel surcharge and all other charges up to 200 units will be waived. The state government will pay for them.

Trying to settle political equation

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has now made a strategy to make government schemes a tool to settle political equations. After the end of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Ajmer rally and Sachin Pilot’s ultimatum on three demands, Gehlot has tried to divert attention from both by making a big announcement.

PM criticized free schemes

Gehlot made several populist announcements in the budget this time. From the announcement of new districts to free electricity to farmers and smart phones to women, dozens of free schemes have been started. PM Narendra Modi criticized the Gehlot government’s free schemes on Wednesday.

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